Ah, romance. Can we ever get enough? Teasing. Flirting. Pleasuring. The chase.

My novels and novelettes explore the edges of sexy, sensual, spirited humanity. Whether set long ago, in a fantasy world, or in today’s brave frontier, I follow my strong-willed heroines and rakish-yet-sexy man boys through their conquests.

In the pages of my books there’s yearning,  passion, and heartache. My characters explore the spectrum of human experience from grief to ecstasy. From grave misfortune to triumph. Expressions of love, hate, jealousy and lust. And you can bet you’ll go behind the bedroom door.

These books may be a bit bold for the tame reader, but if you like your sexpositive stories with heat and heart – with a bit of sass, humor and spark – perhaps you will enjoy these.

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