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Hey there friends. Roxy here. Rather than have a stuffy old “about the author” page written in the third person that lists accomplishments and awards, I thought I’d just give you a brief intro, some links, and a bit about my books.

So, let's start at the beginning. My first toys were playpen-thrust newspapers with which I’d entertain myself while my mother zipped about the apartment. We lived in Vienna’s International District, and my early playmates lived all over the world. I suppose that honed my curiosity for language, idioms, and accents. Even after decades in the States, I retain my Anglophile nature.

And that brings me to the hot, little Victorian novellas herewith. Actually, I prefer the word “novelette” – because that’s how I see them. Petite novels that offer everything in a tome, but with a lighter touch.

The Dragon Duchess series will encompass four of these tiny, hot books, and each will revisit an ensemble of headstrong, sex-positive women who defy period stereotypes. They are set in a fictional city, on the spicier side of late Victorian England, but delve into some actual historical events.

Below, you will see an increasingly populated bookshelf. Click on the titles for more info, to pre-order, or purchase!

Thanks for visiting.

xoxo, Roxy

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