Tight Lipped

By Roxy Soulé

The Marquess of Blackshire is a prominent wealthy peer with an enviable estate and a beautiful wife, Mathilde – who also happens to be the eldest of the Dragon Duchess clan from Blantyre Highmeadow.

Mathilde has given birth six times – all girls – and the marquess is longing for an heir. There is only one problem: the twelve year marriage has yet to be consummated due to issues that must never be spoken of. Through an underground network, the marquess has arranged sexual surrogates to impregnate his wife, but all have failed in his quest for a son.

Enter the viscount, La Gata, who will be sire number seven. La Gata is perfect for the job: unencumbered, discreet, fancy blood lines, and in need of money. Not only that, but, apparently, the viscount has an impressive track record when it comes to producing male bastards.

Mathilde is desperate to please her husband, longs for a son, and worries that this might be her final pregnancy – she is one Dragon Duchess who seeks contentment and harmony above all else.

But the magic that unfolds on the nights she spends with La Gata proves too powerful, and our poor marchioness falls deeply, passionately, in love. As for the viscount? He succumbs under the bewitching powers of the heart as well, despite his better sense.

When Lacy (from book one of the series) complicates matters with her worldly advice, all manner of chaos ensues, and well-tended secrets explode into potent truths.